• Safavid art history: from the rise to the fall;
  • The critical examine and identification of the Safavid miniatures and portraits;
  • Safavids art through the eyes of travellers;
  • Verbal portrait of the Safavid rulers in poetry;
  • The role of Azerbaijani Turkish in Safavid art history;
  • Artistic encounters between Safavids and Ottomans, Mughals, European countries;
  • The triumvirate of science – poetry – art in Safavids;
  • Cultural and traditional allegiance in Safavid art;
  • Safavid textile and fashion;
  • Safavid metalwork;
  • Musical art and iconography of medieval musical instruments;
  • The use of visual representation in Safavid architecture;
  • Kitchen art.




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