The Safavid period is the most powerful period in the history of Azerbaijan. Our friendly state, which today is called Iran, was called Dovlati-Safaviyya during the Safavid period and united several countries.

 Culture and art, including cuisine art of this period was in a rising period.

Safavid cuisine art fragments, was frequently applied in Safavid miniature, ashug art, the works by poets and writers, dinner-parties were organized for travelers, traders, diplomats.

 Safavid period cuisine tracts also caused great interest and this informs us about the development of court cuisine, professional culinary art.

 Conference participants offered an initiative and created a scientific session on Safavid cuisine art. The scientific session will end with restored ethno meals of Safavid period, dinner-party in Khanedan restaurant.

 The geography of keynote speakers will be vast.

 Below you can see samples of works in this direction

KHANEDAN Ethno-Restaurant


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